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Rotmans Close-to-Remodel Sale

Some Questions & Answers On the "Closing to Remodel" Sale:

Q: Is Rotmans going out of business?

NO. Rotmans will continue to offer the area’s best selection of home furnishings to our customers throughout the New England area. We are having a "Closing to Remodel" sale to sell-off our existing inventory to make room for changes that will take place at the store. At the end of the sale, the showroom will be closed for a short time to allow us to begin our remodel and reformat plans. We intend to improve the customer experience and will be remodeling parts of the store, changing the layouts of areas in our showroom as well as changing some of our product offerings.

Q: I am waiting for my order to arrive. Can I still expect it?

YES. We are continuing to receive goods throughout the "Closing to Remodel" sale, and exisiting orders are being filled as scheduled by our vendors.

Q: I have a warranty on my furniture. Will that warranty be honored?

YES. Rotmans will continue to service any items for which a warranty was purchased. You can contact customer service as usual to report any warranty related issues, or call the number on your warranty card.

Q: Will Financing be available?

YES. Financing will be available during the sale. You can contact us with questions about your account or you can visit this link:

Q: I have a Rotmans Gift Card/Store Credit. Will I be able to use it?

YES. You can use your gift card or store credit now during the sale, or you can use it after we re-open.

Q: Can I place an order online during the sale?

YES. Please feel free to browse & shop our wide range of in-stock products that are available on the website during the “Closing to Remodel” sale (but also be aware that many additional items are available in the store but are not currently being shown online)

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