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Cozy Life 729300 Contemporary Sofa with Serpentine Curved Track Arms and Vintage Tack Nailheads
Cozy Life 729300 Contemporary Sofa with Serpentine Curved Track Arms and Vintage Tack Nailheads
Cozy Life 729300 Contemporary Sofa with Serpentine Curved Track Arms and Vintage Tack Nailheads
Cozy Life 729300 Contemporary Sofa with Serpentine Curved Track Arms and Vintage Tack Nailheads
Shown In: Duckling Gray DUCKLING-10
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729300 Contemporary Sofa with Serpentine Curved Track Arms and Vintage Tack Nailheads by Cozy Life

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Fabric Name:
Cleaning Code
Sku: 729350
Width: 80  x  Depth: 37  x  Height: 37
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Cozy Life 729300 Sofa - Item Number: 729350-DUCKLING-10
Contemporary Sofa with Serpentine Curved Track Arms and Vintage Tack Nailheads by Cozy Life

Item Description

Item Description

This unique, modern sofa is sure to strike a chord with the artistic, fun-loving soul. Framed with striking, serpentine-curved track arms, this fashion-forward look is punctuated with beveled wood legs and tiny tack studs in Vintage metal finish. Customize this look in any of our exceptional fabric choices, and pick your complementing accent pillows to match.

The 729300 Contemporary Sofa with Serpentine Curved Track Arms and Vintage Tack Nailheads by Cozy Life is available in the Worcester, Boston, MA, Providence, RI, and New England area from Rotmans.



Item & Dimensions
ManufacturerCozy Life
Width (side to side)80" W
Depth (front to back)37" D
Height (bottom to top)37" H
Arm Height25"
Seat Depth22"
Seat Height20"
Length (depth) with Sleeper Open0"
Fabric & Upholstery
Custom OptionsCustom Fabrics or Leathers
Fabric OptionsCustom order upholstery with hundreds of styles and over 1000 fabrics to choose from, allowing each customer to fulfill their decorating desires.
PillowTwo Accent Pillows Included
TailoringPrecision tailored by highly skilled craftspeople, creating a sofa you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and family.
Style Elements
ArmSerpentine-curved track arms with small, Vintage Tack nailheads
Back TypeLoose Pillow
Seat BackLoose, Boxed-edged Back Cushions
SeatBoxed-edged Cushions
Leg or SkirtBeveled and tapered wood legs
Construction & Warranty
Frame Construction5/4 hardwood rails; frames are 13/16 inch laminate hardwoods that have been double dowelled, glued and corner blocked for lasting stability.
Seat SupportDouble tie wires on back and seat springs for additional support; heavily gauge sinuous wire seat and back springs for comfort; insulated clips to prevent spring noise.
Padding & ErgonomicsHeavily padded arms, 100% Dacron polyester fiber back cushion encased in sewn ticking with separate compartments.
WarrantyCraftmaster frames, are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Cushions, springs, and sleeper mattresses are warranted against manufacturing defects for five years.
OriginMade In the USA
$89 carpet install up to 5 rooms

This item has been tagged as: Sofa, Couch, Couches, Backless Sofas, Conversation Sofas, Conversational Sofas, Theater Seating, Theatre Seating, Home Theater Furniture, Angled Sofa, Davenport, Stationary Sofa, Stationary Couch, Home Theater Seating, Upholstered Sofa, Upholstered Furniture, Sofa Couch, Living Room Furniture, Furniture, Seating

Reference #: 729350

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